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More than half a century back M/S. D. Manoharlal (Shellac) Pvt. Ltd. Established their shellac manufacturing unit in the most prominent belt of lac producing in India i.e. Chhattisgarh & set up his office in one & only trade zone of shellac in India i.e. Calcutta.

Initially the company used to produce seedlac, button lac, heat processed machine made shellac. Thereafter the company started manufacturing dewaxed & decolorised shellac grades.

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    Food Coatings

    Shellac is used to coat apples and other fruits to make them shinier.

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    Shellac Wax

    Shellac Wax can be used in consistency agent in Cosmetics, High Gloss Polishes, Lipsticks & for cosmetic industry.

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    Shellac is used to provide protective candy coatings or glazes on candies.

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